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Learn How to Apply Makeup, Art of Lady Makeup Style, Best Tips to Dress, Different Styles to Create Custom Wardrobe in Manhattan New York, Dallas TX, Austin TX and Houston TX.
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Welcome To The Art of Style

“Makeup is meant to enhance your own individual beauty and personality; not to cover up, change, exaggerate or hide who you are as a person.”

Excerpt from The Art of Makeup for Young Ladies

This book is written to help you get started with learning the Art of Makeup. Making up is to me one of the most wonderful things about being a girl. The creative use of makeup allows us to express who we are, and enhance our own special brand of beauty. Makeup can give you confidence and polish. Knowing how to apply makeup so it looks natural is the most important first step towards a lovelier you. It can be difficult when you first get started to know which products and colors to use, and exactly how to apply the products you purchase.

In this book we will discover all the things that go together to make “making up” fun and easy. With all the products and tools on the market today, it has never been easier or more confusing to get started with a makeup collection that suits your needs. But take heart! We will cover all the aspects of bringing out the best in “you” as an individual. However, the most important lesson you will take with you is that each of you is beautiful. Never compare yourself to anyone else’s idea of beauty, or what you should look like. If I stress one thing to you at all, it is that you learn to enhance, not change your own special beauty and individuality.


About The Art of Style

The Art of Style was a business that grew from designing her custom wardrobe into doing the same for others who came to her for advice on getting the results they wanted from the local custom clothiers. Clients learned about fabrics, fit, design and style as well as how to communicate with a tailor to get the desired look. Cynthia studied to become a makeup artist and color consultant so that her clients could experience a finished look from head to toe. With her knowledge of design, makeup and colors, her clients could expect to present a finished and polished look to the world. She has designed clothing for women and men from all walks of life, advising them on what to wear for the many occasions we dress for in everyday life and special events.

About Cynthia Oelking

Cynthia’s love of fashion, style, design and makeup goes back to her childhood and teen years growing up in Baton Rouge, La. in the 50’s and 60’s. Even in elementary school she would accompany her mother to the stores to select fabrics and patterns to make the dresses she loved to wear. She still has a swatch of the gray and pink stripe fabric she selected for the dress she wore on the first day of first grade in the fall of 1959. Her love of sewing began at a very young age and was inspired by both her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother actually finished making a prom dress for her oldest daughter, Cynthia’s aunt, between contractions for her youngest daughter yet to be born! Read More